Book 2, Chapter 15.
Pray For The Devil

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“I have every confidence in his ability to avoid a well deserved death,” said Abranyah. She only considered the words after she had said them, surprised that she had actually meant them.

Marcus shook his head. “If you say so.”

They both turned to face Barabbas, the large dog laying on his side in the bright morning sun. He was awake, but more grumpy than usual, as Barabbas simply laid there, huffing and puffing. Occasionally he’d bark, but he was more or less grunting out his displeasure with Salt’s withdrawal from their journey. Yerses was asleep not far from the dog, having taken a liking to the animal, and while it was generally a 50/50 shot if Barabbas liked you, Yerses appeared to come out of the gamble favorably.

Tincture, Book 2, Chapter Sixteen

Music in Tincture: Book 2, Chapter Fifteen:
Bleak House – Coloured Lead Fingers
Bleak House – Barometer
Lee Rosevere – The Ambient Ukulele
Antony Raijekov – Lightout 2003
Podington Bear – Cloud 9
Kreng – Merope
Muhmood – Dream
Allen Masterton – Let’s Go Catch Our Death

Intro music selected from: PrudHommes by Cobra (avec logo panthère)