Book 2, Chapter 16.
The Thick of Things

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Rachel stepped back into the church and spat on the floor.

“Well we’ve got lights again, no thanks to you,” she said. “In the movies when they siphon gas out of a car, they never throw up. Guess who learned a new thing today?”

Tincture, Book 2, Chapter Seventeen

Music in Tincture: Book 2, Chapter Sixteen:
Lee Rosevere – Gymnopédie No. 1 (Satie)
Tortue Super Sonic – Film 1
Julien Mier – Ptarmigan
Lee Rosevere – The Attic
The OO-Ray – Diplodocus
Podington Bear – Constellation
Vitus Von Degen – Countach
Jared C. Balogh – Equal Value (Ode To A Squirrel)
Nevermore Eleanor – Invitation
The OO-Ray – Oceans Apart

Intro music selected from: PrudHommes by Cobra (avec logo panthère)