Book 2, Chapter 19.
Amen All The Same

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The tanker was always a curiosity for Rachel.

“What are you looking for?” she asked. “You said you had an idea?”

Arachal was bent over the front seats of his black Mustang and rifling through the glove compartment. “I do. I’m looking for—ah, here we are.”

Withdrawing his long frame from the car, he held up a stack of pink sticky-notes in one hand, a black marker with Warrant Sciences embossed on its gray surface in the other.

“Pink?” asked Rachel. “I don’t remember pink.”

Arachal raised an eyebrow. “What color should they be?”

Music in Tincture: Book 2, Chapter Nineteen:
Kreng – Merope
Jahzzar – Part X
Art of Flying – fields so green, part 2
MiaMia – Bend Over Harder
Julien Neto – From Cover To Cover
Podington Bear – Mensa
Art of Flying – a. Guitar #2
BOPD – 2.18.05 dai
Podington Bear – Desormais
Lee Maddeford, Roland Vouilloz – Yuyu
Dexter Britain – Utopia, Part 3
BOPD – Grotesque
Makunouchi Bento – Seduction Theme from Millano Brothers IV
Podington Bear – Brightening
The OO-Ray – Silhouettes
Krowne – Embarrassed Even By Death
Remus – The Sciolist
Podington Bear – Reflector
Dexter Britain – Zenith
Lee Rosevere – Cat Wearing Glasses
Art of Flying – O daughter, dear daughter
Brian Joseph Davis – Track5
Dexter Britain – Nothing To Fear

Intro music selected from: PrudHommes by Cobra (avec logo panthère)