Book 2, Chapter 03.
Just A Little Brimstone

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She’d arrived at dark, and it was the men with loaded rifles that cemented Rachel’s distaste for strangers.

She had been standing in the open field for almost thirty minutes, she figured, and under this dark of a night it made her uncomfortable. The man she was arguing with was sitting on the ground with his legs crossed, assault rifle laid over his calves, and he was spinning an aluminum can around around in his fingers.

Tincture, Book 2, Chapter Four

Music in Tincture: Book 2, Chapter Three:
Vitus Von Degen – The Diesel People
Spuntic – Out Of Step
Xalm Retribution – Someone Is Looking At You In The Dark
Bleak House – Oil Burner
Crypt Sisters – Only He Understands Me
Kromatic – Bounce Like The 80s (Krowne Back To The Future Remix)
Vitus Von Degen – Countach
Jari Pitkanen – Io

Intro music selected from: PrudHommes by Cobra (avec logo panthère)