Book 2, Chapter 09.
Now We’re Crazy Together

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Vagueness and the inevitable questions it created only frustrated Rachel, and she had decided that her current predicament was simply one spot too many.

“Sorry, from up here it sounded like you said ‘your chair’ told you I’d be arriving,” she yelled.

The static voice returned. “Well, yeah. I’m not sure if he talks to other people, though. I’ve been alone for quite some time.”

“Mm-hm,” shot Rachel. “Well I’m almost convinced. Just ask the fridge or the cabinets what they think, and we’ll be set.”

Tincture, Book 2, Chapter Ten

Music in Tincture: Book 2, Chapter Nine:
Vitus Von Degen – The Two-Headed Saint
Peter DiPhillips – Vadso
Peter DiPhillips – White Night
Podington Bear – Swollen Cloud
Crypt Sisters – Only He Understands Me
Shake That Little Foot – Pretty Little Dog
Podington Bear – Dark Matter
Lee Rosevere – Phase Of Prisms
Podington Bear – Désormais

Intro music selected from: PrudHommes by Cobra (avec logo panthère)