Chapter 19.
And Dust You Shall Eat

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The shiny black motor flew across the barren, and vengeance followed.

As Abranyah piloted, Rhamuel sat in the passenger side window well, one palm on the roof of the motor, the other wrapped around the trigger of a long rifle.

Music in “Tincture” Chapter Nineteen:

Dexter Britain – Telling Stories
Bersarin-Quartett – St. Petersburg
Origamibiro – Flicker
Sunhiilow – Le Songe d’Hacolhii’
Dexter Britain – Running Through Tunnels
Trans Atlantic Rage / Balogh – Soul Finding Solice In Resolution
Blear Moon – Cold Summer Landscape
Anita Exira – Feeding Out Among The Crows
Dexter Britain – The Time To Run (Finale)
Aaron Ximm – Spring Rain
Trigg – Yasmin
Steve Gunn – Improvisation 2
Régis Turner – ouais non je sais pas des fois je suis juste un peu mélancolique
Blue “Gene” Tyranny – Letter From Home (piano solo)
My Bubba & Mi – Nothing Much
Lockerbie – Sumar (intro)
Steve Gunn – Trouba
Emphemtry – Old Dreams
Jamie Evans – Opening Doors