Chapter 07.
Memories Don’t Work Like We Wish They Did

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Excerpted from: Revenants of War

An Attempted Guide for Safe Warrant after The Whatever

To the forfeit wanderers and other wayward souls living in the scar:  This is a poor excuse for a travel guide, confusing at best, but if you’re still around to turn its pages, you’re already used to such nonsense.

Tincture, An Apocalyptic Proposition, Chapter Eight

Music in Tincture, Chapter Seven:
Free Piece of Tape – Burning School
Black Twig Pickers and Steve Gunn – Old Strange
Chris Zabriskie – What True Self? Feels Bogus, Let’s Watch Jason X
Allen Masterton – Sehv Tsahno Ambient
Plankton Wat – Hash Smugglers Blues
Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides – Touto To Kalokeraki (This Summer)